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    I am working on a Necron Army, here are the first screenshots :
    Name:  P1010017.jpg
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Size:  1.31 MB
    Name:  P1010018.jpg
Views: 354
Size:  1.08 MB
    Name:  P1010019.jpg
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    Name:  P1010020.jpg
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Size:  1.18 MB

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    Welcome to the mad house
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I love the blue! So so pretty!

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    Here are 2 thunderers, first screenshots
    :Name:  P1010013.jpg
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Size:  1.14 MB
    Name:  P1010014.jpg
Views: 256
Size:  1.17 MB
    Name:  P1010015.jpg
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    Name:  P1010016.jpg
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Size:  1.18 MB

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    Hello again,

    I am preparing for art school next academic year, here's some work done in 2 hours today and yesterday.
    Apparently I can paint minis at home, here they are :

    Name:  P1010001.JPG
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Size:  749.9 KB

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    Welcome to the forum :-)
    Many WIP so far. Do you have a primary focus on one of these three?

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    I am preparing the ogre for a bloodbowl tournament, the dwarfs is my 3rd team so far after I made a goblin and elfheim team.

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    Welcome to the forum and miniature painting.

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    Great start, but most importantly...keep 'em coming!

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    I have to make a Death Spectres space marine army for a campaign in the ghoul stars, here's my first 2 ever painted space marines WIP.
    I have to add more contrast but I tried to do something different (which might not be good for a regular SM painting.)

    Here's the pictures :

    Name:  P1010003.JPG
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    Name:  P1010005.JPG
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    Severin Steelheart champions WIP :

    Name:  99F95CC9-8EB6-4307-B32D-48D96C663231.jpg
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    Wip, trying NMM

    Name:  3B2C34A6-FD10-4E98-9B68-0B60A3651A18.jpg
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    Last edited by erana; 03-26-2020 at 03:33 AM.

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    Name:  97ED03CA-C945-4912-A417-5483468A4D48.jpeg
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    With all the miniatures I can see in the background you certainly have your work cut out for you. I’m working on some Necrons too so I’m interested to see how you finish yours up.

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    That is a fair amount of figures you have prepped and waiting. Looking forward to seeing your nmm paint on the stormcasts.

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