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    Default Abilities and Reactions Clarification

    Page 11 of the rule book outlines actions for heroes: Attacks, Abilities, and Reactions. When describing Reactions, it likens them to Abilities and further states that Abilities do not count as 1 of the 3 granted actions per hero. Is this correct that BOTH Abilities AND Reactions do not count as an action. Or is this a wording error and ONLY Reactions do not count as an action?

    Reactions are similar to Abilities, except they each havea specific trigger that allows them to be used, which canoften happen out of turn. Using Abilities does not cost aHero one of their Actions for the turn. Reactions all sharethe following...

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    Abilities cost an Action to use. Reactions are free and happen when they are triggered and their coin cost paid.
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    I figured Abilities did have the action cost but was a bit confused and unsure since it was referenced in the reactions heading and especially so since the immediately previous statement says reactions are similar to abilities.

    Thanks for the fast feed back. The game play is great and I plan on gathering as much for this game as my budget allows. Im just sorry i missed the kickstarter campaign.

    I AM however looking at arcadia Quest Inferno. THIS game looks just as amazing. I especially love the fantasy theme and equip-able items. Keep it Up guys!

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