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    Hi All,

    I'm wondering if there is anyone out there offering sculpting tuition or an online course? Has anyone tried similar and can recommend someone/somewhere?

    To give you an understanding of what I'm looking for, I have been using GS for a few years to add detail to my minis (tabards, chainmail, purity seals etc.) and want to improve my skills. I have to work, and have a family, so I'm not looking for a full-time course - this is something to do in my free time to improve my hobby skills.

    I am looking for any sort of sculpting for wargames miniatures. I'm thinking about use of super sculpey, green stuff and brown stuff. I'm thinking about proportions of a body, how to sculpt heads and faces, sculpting wings, limbs, hands and feet. Ultimately I would like so be able to sculpt any part of a figure to a standard that will be quite acceptable on the tabletop.

    I'm looking for paid-for content or free, as long as it's quality.

    So, can anyone help? Point me in the right direction?

    Thanks All.


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    Try youtube ive found some decent videos on there, good luck. Sorry i cant help anymore

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    I know about 4 tutorial videos:
    1. Some miniature mentor videos. - really good ones except the first.
    2. Figurines-tv 2nd dvd- it's quite good, although not for me as I don't sculpt.
    3. Figurines-tv online tutorials - some are really good
    4. Random YouTube videos. Some are good some really bad.

    About quarterly there is a 2 or 3 day sculpting workshop here in the eu. Held by really good sculptors.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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