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Thread: H: kingdom death, other W: kingdom death, $

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    Default H: kingdom death, other W: kingdom death, $

    I have
    • Beetle Knight (NIB, IIRC 1st run)
    • female Visionary (1st run)
    • 80 year old savior (1st run)
    • nicely painted PVC twilight knight pinup
    • phoenix armor multipose
    • lion armor multipose
    • king's men plastic
    with the below, I'd need to check if 1st run or not
    • fighter
    • ammo porter
    • original Nico
    • mother

    I also have a copy of the core game- I'm willing to trade/sell this in one of a few ways:
    -as a whole
    -just the minis
    -most of the minis

    If interested, please let me know what you have to offer (cash/trade, what sorts of offers?) I also have a number of other games- LMK what lines etc. you'd be interested in for a trade.

    At the moment, I'm most specifically looking for the lion god and lonely tree from Kingdom Death, then spiral path, but would be open to other stuff. Pinup lion and antelope armor is probably at the top of the list of stuff w/o game content.

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    Are these still up for grabs? I'd be interested in grabbing the Mother figure for cash.

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