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    Default Krampus and The Green Knight - Aradia Miniatures NEWS

    Hello folks,

    We are glad to announce the news that Aradia staff has cooked for the month of December. If you want to be sure that your miniatures arrive at your home before Christmas, please make your order within the 8th of December!!

    We are very glad to insert definitely in our range these two releases sculpted by two of the most talented sculptors in the world of traditional modeling: Krampus, by Joaquin PALACIOS and The Green Knight, by Benoit CAUCHIES.

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    You can buy these miniature at the following link:

    If you like our work, follow us on facebook!
    and thanks ^^

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    Oh~ I LOVE that Krampus.

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    Thanks for the comment supervike!
    Here more pictures with another version of Krampus painted by Marco Bariselli

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