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Thread: Going to be out of communication for a few days.

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    Good to hear he's recovering. Hope you have a happy holidays!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    I feel lucky. All I had to do with my dad today was help him buy and learn to use a new cell phone -_- I need a nap :P
    Oh my! That would be torture with my dad.

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    My Dad's doing better, mobile again but still bruised to Breakfast and back.
    Got him some mobility aids for round the house, which if I'm honest I hate to see him use BUT I know that now they are a neccessity .
    Still they have given him a degree of confidence back which was badly shaken by the fall.
    Did a bit of shopping with him yesterday (ASDA) and today he's managed to get his own dinner, had a neighbour visit, watched TV made a few phone calls so that's a bit of a relief for me as we've had to come back today.
    (I'm stuck with having to go back to work to sort out emergency leave, which is limited.)

    He's still on painkillers for his ribs for the next week or so, but only to be expected.
    He knows how lucky he was and has implicit intructions that escalators are off limits from now on.

    First picture is him on Tuesday in hospital still on a dose of morphine.
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    Second Friday as the Bruising is coming out and needing painkillers.
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    I'm incredibly grateful to the emergency Doctor who gave him aid onsite and to the Paramedics who did everything else for him.

    I'll be honest, he scared the crap out of me this time.
    I've seen him come out of a number of Full on Knockdown Drag-Out Banjos, one of which got him a medal, with little more that a scraped knuckle.
    This....this was bad.
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    That looks brutal, but it's not uncommon. Escalators are dangerous at any age. The thing is, dads are stubborn and refuse to accept their limits. My dad fell off a ladder while cutting down a tree limb with a chainsaw. It swung down and folded the ladder like tin foil and he fell on a pile of rocks from about 8 feet up. His first question: Is the chainsaw okay? -_- He was 74 at the time. I won't go into details about the time he slipped on some ice on the front steps and decided to jump so he didn't break his ribs on the stairs and put a dent in his car with his head when he landed at the bottom. That was at age 75. I have a dozen more stories just like this and i am no better, just younger and dumber :P Hmmm, me thinks I know why men die first most of the time... It may be IQ related...
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    Think you may be right about dads, mine was up on a roof doing some repairs then coming home to hoover the house beforetelling my step mum he'd had a pain in the chest and down his left arm for the last few hours, that would be a heart attack then, he was only 50 but still scary

    Glad your dads on the mend DR looks nasty but could be alot worse

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    Good to hear your dad is recovering. Merry Christmas!

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    Wishing your dad an even nicer and fast recovery... Those pics are scary enough... try to keep him safe and sound while he's recovering. (not always an easy thing to do with we silly men)
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