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    Hi folks, nowhere in the Black Plague Rulebook have I found the 2 walkers spawning alongside a fatty, and in the video of the gameplay when they spawn a fatty no walkers are placed, but on the CMON Army Painter "Paint a fatty" articles it states that 2 walkers are placed with a fatty so paint them in uniforms. All Zombicide vets know to place models accordingly but a new player won't - so is this a rule change or an oversight?

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    I remember seeing it in the comments of the KS that fatties no longer spawn with walkers. It's also mentioned in this thread on BGG

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    Thanks IdleHacker, it's a shame whoever did the painting article didn't know of the change! Nice idea, something I never thought of when painting my season 1-3 fatties! The BGG link slipped by me, thanks for the pointer!

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    I was wondering the same thing after seeing that video, I'd only had a quick scan through the rules though so thanks for clearing that up, never played zombicide before so Its one less thing to get confused about

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