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    Always really liked this model. Not the cleanest of paint jobs but it has been a blast painting him so far. Want to do some inscription design on his claws as to sneak some freehand in there, not sure what colour I would like to do them though. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do not want them to be too overwhelming. Should I even just do them metal you think?
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    Hello FlunkUltron!
    Mad job on the face!! I would suggest you pale shiny blue or pale pinky violet. Like the colours on the lower robes?? For the design... what about some alienistic kind of runes? like the following one:

    Or go and use just klingon letterings ^^
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    Thanks for the link Maenus! I have used those same designs for reference for my Dark Eldar in the past, great source for freehands I decided to put a little freehand on the mask for the time being. I still haven't decided what to do with the claws, I like what you suggested though. I tried both colours in 'windows paint' to get a rough idea and they would look like and they both look great. Next update should have them done.
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    That is one hell of a nice subtle paintjob
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    Thanks Zab and Krule, small update with the claws, got a little wild with the colours....possibly overboard, any thoughts?

    The yellow nature of my bathroom detracts a lot from the source lighting from the claws that creep up the arm. The idea is that I wanted some of the brightness to bleed into the drabber colours of the arms and body, so they don't look so look so out of place.
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    This is now my newest favorite miniature of all time..well done like myself you have a unique style that a blind youngster with no hands could pick out of 1000 model crowd....beautiful tronboy beautiful beyond belief.

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    holy crap look at those claws. i think i can hear colors and see sounds in them o_O Awesome work!!!
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    Wow that is totally awesome. Love your colour choice

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    Fantastic! You have made the model have a more dynamic feel.

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    Just discovered your WIP, and super glad I did! I am blown away by the style of this figure, as BAM said. It's got lots of bits I'd love to ask you about, but what really stands out is how the whole aesthetic is unified and effective.
    Personally, I like the claws but think they may be a bit over-the-top. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the energy (?). I would probably establish one end (base/tip) to be the 'hot' end, or perhaps one of the edges (inner/outer), and focus my whites there. It may be that the base already is the hot end, but I don't read it that way visually. I'm not sure if that makes sense! In any event, the figure looks awesome.

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    Thanks for the comments boys, they make my day seriously. Zab is it possible you ingested some LSD? @SaintToad, thanks for your input, I completely agree with you that I should have pushed more of a 'gradient' of colours along each talon. Unfortunately the damage was done before reading your comment, and I am much too lazy to go back and fix the issue, your analysis of it was solid!

    Here is an update of the back of the miniature, previous pictures it was completely unfinished Just some more source lighting, battle damage, and then on to the base.

    Now for the base. I was originally gonna do an Ice/snow base, but now I am thinking of a colourful jungle theme instead. I have to find some colourful flock via google. If anyone has a suggestion for a website that sells some blue/purple/pink foliage etc pls do share!
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    You have an amazing style .

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    very nice painting, but the model should be shot by a darkness hunter
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    The claws alone are already amazing oO'

    I feel the robes (Skirt) on the back a lot brighter than those at the front but it could perfectly be a lighting or picture issue....
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    Some great colours going on
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Very nice. The yellows and reds on the armor are really wonderful.

    The gradient idea for the claws probably would have been nice, but I really like them as they are now. They look very alien this way, beautiful and deadly and entrancing at the same time.

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    Finished! Let me know what you guys think of the final product. Vote and comment I really appreciate it for I am somewhat of an attention whore.

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    Pretty amazing for me. Awesome claws that draw your attention. Face/mask is terrific because it somewhat reminds me Marilyn Manson!!
    Nitpicking a bit... I would say that I much prefer the distribution and quantities of red flock/flowers that appears on the back that the one on the front because I find it too uniform and equally distributed (front side I mean)
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