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    Awesome super muted colour scheme...looks pretty special so far. Great stuff

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    very nice!
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    fantastic painting going on here. love the colour schemes, muted and colourful in equal measures. very nice work

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    My main concern right now is "readability" and making sure that the model isn't too busy, as I tend to get a little crazy with the details I worry it will loose focus and appear messy to the viewer. Any input or advice from anyone would be very appreciated.

    @BAM He was originally going to be part of a large diorama but due to time restrictions I am basically going to do a smaller version of him cutting down a few empire lanceman on a large base. Should be doable if I keep the pace I am going at now for CB!
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    You can do it bud I have full faith btw ill steer clear of Dios cat this year

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    That is pure amazing-ness, so atmospheric. I don't think it's too busy, imo.

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    Hmmm readability. This is the toughest thing for folks like us. The styles we paint in, me with textures everywhere, you with an amazing explosive array of colors on each piece of the model. The thing here is one thing may suffer let’s say a step down ( on rthis the readability from MHO IS THERE AND ONE CAN DESCERN EACH PART of THE MOdel. But you take 3 steps up due to the unique style and color work on the model. Now that’s the model itself is busy. However you did a tremendous job so far in making this work for you. Readability or the way to get it is contrast thru light and dark alternated on the model and in the shades and highlight. But here and here’s where your style flourishes on this tzeentch model the colors tie in everywhere and the clean precision technical aspect is more than enough for wayyy above and readability standard. What I would focus on is the contrast of this darker chaos knight and some bright or light colored empire soldiers. That would be the readability icing on the cake. I know you already had that in mulind. IMHO the busy model with the color work you use as your signature did a absolutely stunning job on bringing “readability “ to this very busy sculpt.
    On another note crystalbrush is taking a chance when you and I compete . They are heavy favorites of nmm, and zenith always lighting and perfect blends etc. it’s the easiest way they can score. However and I ask myself this and it’s aleays the same answer if I had to change what I did to place would I . HELLS NOOO. Our styles ( different from the norm) also give a wow factor that makes us have that much better a chance of placing above the mastery of those NORMAL everyday display style high standard paintings.
    enjoy your work have faith and have confidence because the greater ammunition going in these panel judging events is not only doing something different but doing that same thing extremely well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    ... HELLS NOOO. Our styles ( different from the norm)....
    I SPECIALLY LIKE THIS, you both have a distinct style, which make yourselves unique, do not loose it please, keep improving as you both do in your own style and skill, as you give inspiration to me and (many) others despite I am not so active here comenting as in the last couple of years, I still read/watch/follow c'mon posts.

    I think readability is nice on this piece despite its super-multicoloured surfaces, at least I can read it well because of the highs (lighter colours) help me to do so, maybe doing bolder darks/highs could help a little bit more, but if you go a couple of steps beyond on the dark/high side it may also become cluttered, so I cannot assess you further as these are just my feelings on this piece.... Thinking a bit more, maybe the key is just doing that (intensifiyng dark/light colours a bit more) on just some specific parts of the miniature.

    This work, I also think, can be better appreciated on the short distance, so I would make sure to have something on the display, ie. other miniatures that came with it or the very same plinth/base, that reclaims the viewers attention. So as BAM points out having bright empire soldiers close to this miniature might do the trick perfectly!!

    Tons of luck to you both at the Crystal brush, your work well deserves it!

    I hope this thoughts may help you a bit.
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    that rider is freaky cool with your paintjob. im actually tempted to pick up a box after seeing this.
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    definitely loving your style!! Super impressed on how you can go from a base coat of blue to AWESOME!!
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    its looking fantastic , awesome colours and painting

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    I think the readability is good. My attention is mainly drawn to the face however if you highlighted it slightly more it would be drawn there more. The pink tones from the weapon and top of his helmet decoration are pulling me away slightly but they're not too pronounced as to be completely distracting. I like the eye covers for the beast and the colours you've used across all the armour look good and tie together well. I just think if you want one element to be the main focal point to just bring that up slightly more to give it that edge over the rest of the model so even if your eyes wander they should land and focus on that slightly more defined area. Hope that helps.
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    Wow thank you all so much for the extremely valuable feedback. Maenus and BAM, I agree, embracing a style to me is more important than appealing to judges. Making a piece that is interesting, impressionable and tells a story to me has more value than simply appealing to judges on an application level (referring to technical ability and smoothness). Obviously that takes skill and patience of its own, but what I hope to achieve (and I can tell in your own works BaM) is something that sticks in someone’s mind for awhile. There are some pieces on this site that, although wouldn’t win based on technical precision, are just so cool and embody an attitude that is memorable. There are a handful of people that pull off both so well, (David Soper, Lanstudio, kirill just to name a few) that simply blow my mind by capturing the essence of the hobby in hand with near perfect brushwork.

    Anyway here is an update, just starting the base with a few tweaks in mind for the rider (adjusting the oxidized rust where in some spots it looks like a bird shit on him haha, most notably the shoulder), making his axe sparkle more with white reflections. I’m tired of working on this guy frankly and am pushing hard to complete him which is tough while working 60 hour work weeks let me tell you. Soooo tired but the end is near. Thanks for looking everyone and wish me luck this weekend, although I might need something more than that!
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    It's looking excellent. Awesome colour scheme

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    Congrats on the gold. This piece looked amazing in the cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluisterwoud View Post
    Congrats on the gold. This piece looked amazing in the cases.
    Yup, congrats. It looked pretty sweet in person.

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    Congratulations!!!!! Really happy for your win!! ^^
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    Well done sir! You must be very happy.
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    yeah congrats man, awesome!
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    Congratulations, well deserved

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