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    well done on the win. awesome paint job. very inspiring.

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    That's friggin amazing! I strive to be able to paint that well. The tonality of the colors, the subtlety of the osl and the freehand on those claws.
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    It's a bloody awesome model and a well-deserved win!
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    Congratulations - your like a ferkin ninja- you go , remain unseen and than leave after slaying everybody- what you have done remains to be one of the most impressive display of how an extremely different style can take on and take out the best technically proficient artists in the entire world- I say onward and upward for the newest hottest trend in miniature painting- the acceptance of different styles in the miniature painting competition field!!!
    well done flunky - most well done in deed!! And voted on by the toughest judges including Jen Haley and Francesco farabi!!!

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