Why does the card "Fai Lian's Tornado" exist?
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Thread: Why does the card "Fai Lian's Tornado" exist?

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    Default Why does the card "Fai Lian's Tornado" exist?

    1. I think the mazu's are overpowered, because of their combination of ships, tide-deck and some abilities like "seven wind strike".
    In addition there are 2 "Fai Lian Tornado Cards" (deploy a hero in any legal zone) in the tide-deck of an already super-mobile team.
    If it would need a 4+ roll, to not fall overboard, it would be fairer... but only 2 kraken-symbols? :\

    1 Example: Let's assume i have some gold with my hero's. I play the card "Fai Lian's Tornado". Place Xia between the armory and the rigging lines of the wellsport team.
    Playing the card doesn't cost me an action, so i attack 3 times with Xia on the armory. Next i use Fang's "swapping ability" and put Koga on Xia's place.
    Koga attacks the rigging lines 3 times. The wellsport team expected my Fai Lian's Tornado, but luckily i've drawn a second one at the end of my last turn.. keeping it in my hands, until i decide where i'll attack next..

    We decided to take the "Fai Lian's Tornado cards" out of their tide-deck, but..

    it's still nearly impossible for me to beat the Mazu's..anybody got some tips, how to go against them?
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    Peace! after studying the game i have noticed this too, lets build upon this topic for a sec..

    the chineze = 3 objectives/ filled with deckhands/ 12HP
    other teams = 2 objectives/ completely empty/ 8HP ...(french team 10HP)

    + Fai Lian Tornado!??/%§))) ............think about it

    Well maybe... since these evil chineze powerful devils have 3 Tornados on their (!) ships = maybe thats where this card is supposed to be used......!?


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