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    Played a game with the group last night. Mission #1 has three spawn points. Round #2 we ended up with a necromancer spawn point on one of the spawn points (per game rules), we added the necromancer spawn point there (which becomes a regular spawn point). By round 5, there were two regular spawn points and one spawn point with three necromancer spawn points on it. Seems we always drew a necromancer card on the same area. Does this seem right? Dealing with the mob that comes from these stacked spawn points really becomes a problem only really solvable with dragon fire. Is this the intention?

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    Did you kill the Necromancers? When you kill a Necromancer, you get to remove a spawn point (can be the new one, but doesn't have to be)

    Edit: and if you didn't kill him, there wouldn't be new spawn points unless you have more than one Necromancer...but I thought only the base game was out to anyone. If you only have one Necromancer and he's on the board when a Necromancer card is drawn, he just gets an extra activation

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    I must have missed the part about removing a spawn point... but the mission parameters were that if any time a necromancer escaped after 6 spawn points were present, then the game is a loss... I guess they are assuming that several necromancers have to escape so that you don't remove a spawn point to get to 6. Will retry tonight and see how things go.

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