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    Hey everyone,

    i'm new to CMON i come from the Krosmaster Transition. I am glad to be here, so any question concerning this PVP Arena base game ask us we will gladly help.
    Giovanni Aldarondo
    Event Marketing Specialist P.R.

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    Krosmaster is super rad!!!! I hope everyone is ready for some new, rowdy friends.

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    Hey I just started the switch over. I'm in Seattle and wouldn't mind helping out.

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    Well Hipsher I'm sure we can get this ball rolling with a few "dofus" rolls

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    Hello, I am also new to this forum, and want to introduce myself. My online username for Krosmaster is also Gnomercy (pronounced "No Mercy"). I've been playing Krosmaster for about one and a half years now. I have some mixed feelings about the switch from Japanime Games to CMON as the US distributor, since I've worked extensively with JAG within their organized play community to help grow the game.

    I am hopeful that I will be able to have a similar relationship with CMON and that people will continue to play this game for a long time to come.

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    Hi, I'm also coming over with the Krosmaster transition. I run tournaments in the Madison WI and surrounding area. I'm a registered level 1 judge, so I can run registered convention events as well. Got a rules question? I can help.

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    Also a new Legionnaire from the Krosmaster transition. I run tournaments at Pair a Dice Games in Athens, TN. If you're in East TN and want to try the game, check out our Facebook group here!

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    Hi guys. Pretty sure everyone in this thread already knows me as the moderator and Prize Baron for Japanime's official Krosmaster Twitch stream (which may or may not be continuing, it's in the air right now). I'm interested in continuing that position both with JG and CMON if they decide to promote the online version as well.

    I'm also a registered lvl 1 judge so I can run events and volunteer at any upcoming demos. Pretty excited to see what comes up next!

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    Hi everybody it's ok I'm here now, kinda new to the whole forum thing, but I'll push thru, also a long time fan of JAG and am hoping all the rumors towards the awesomeness of CMoN are true.

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    Hey all,

    I'm new here to and very excited to see what the future holds for Krosmaster with CMON. I'm an Aussie Legionnaire!

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    Hey all,

    Also here via the transition. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Level 1 Judge and looking forward to working with CMON on promoting and growing this game.

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    Look at all of these familiar faces!

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    Great to see you all here
    Giovanni Aldarondo
    Event Marketing Specialist P.R.

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    So... does anyone at CMON have any kind of projection for when Krosmaster Quest will finally be shipped? What is the status of Quest anyway? My understanding is that the US shipment was shipped from the factory months ago....that it got shipped to Belgium, or some other Euro destination by mistake, which was the last known information on where the actual games got to. Then the transition from Japanime to CMON happened, and word that CMON would fulfill the Quest Pre-Orders, but I've not seen any kind of date, or info on where the actual product has been the last couple months, or what's delaying the distribution process.

    So.....any updates?

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    CMON Krosmaster announcements are coming in March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoozleWozzle View Post
    CMON Krosmaster announcements are coming in March.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the major issue with the previous distributor was (perceived or real is up for debate) issues with communication. We were told updates were coming in March and it is now March 28th. There is no mention of anything but Quest on the main website, there have been no updates on here or the facebook page (with the exception of a note about the confirmation emails going out and a short mention in the video about being able to buy it soon), the pictures of recent events show nothing related to Krosmaster (aside from one picture on the twitter from GAMA), your convention page has no krosmaster event (or any mention of krosmaster), and the twitter has only the one picture and two notes about the Quest release.

    To be fair, I have not been checking all of these locations religiously every day, so if something has been taken down, I didn't see it. I just went through and checked to make sure I was "being fair". Also, I understand that Quest is the big change currently, but there is nothing about organized play, no indication of how things are going with the transition, no announcement of new products (2.0? Kind of a big deal), and no outreach to the community basically at all.

    I'm not trying to flame the company and I'm certainly not giving up on Krosmaster or CMON, but something would be nice. Its been 3 months since the official transition announcement and the only thing we know is is still coming.

    Edit: Now officially through March. That being said, I'd rather wait until after April Fools, so one more day for a buffer seems good.
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    I have two "friends" that are trying to get me into Krosmaster. What is the difference between Krosmaster Quest and Krosmaster Arena? I have no background on the game and was just wondering which I should start with when and if I go to buy in. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerlith Kinspirit View Post
    I have two "friends" that are trying to get me into Krosmaster. What is the difference between Krosmaster Quest and Krosmaster Arena? I have no background on the game and was just wondering which I should start with when and if I go to buy in. Thanks!
    Krosmaster Quest is a more group played, dungeon crawler style, board game. The objectives change and you're just playing one character either working with the other characters trying to take on a main boss or trying to compete to reach your goals first.

    Krosmaster Arena is like Final Fantasy Tactics on a board, if you've ever played it. It's best played 1 versus 1 and you both design equal teams and take each other to try to take out his team in an enclosed grid-arena.

    Both can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be and really begin to develop into a more complex game when you collect kama (gold) and buy stuff.

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    I would add that Krosmaster Junior is a third board game, a simplified version of Arena for kids.

    It's important to note that characters from any Krosmaster Board Game can be taken into the Arena to fight for supremacy.

    (Also, there are rules for bringing other figures into Quest.)

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