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    1. If i suffer "Necrotic Wind" (Heroes may only move 1 Zone per Move this turn). Is it still possible to rig from an edge of a ship, without going the extra zone? (Because i can either move 2 zones / or move 1 zone + rig)

    I assume we play the following rules correct. It would be nice if someone can confirm it.

    2. When the card "Unholy Revival" is played (Return all Deckhands/Bosuns KO, by a heroes attack), the hero, who killed the Deckhands/Bosuns still get's the gold because he already KO'd them, correct?

    3. Some ability's of heroes (for example: leopold, lars) or cards (for example: mazu's healing winds) say something like: Remove all condition tokens from ... + you may do .... So, do i have to suffer any conditions or is it just a bonus and only the second effect triggers, when i don't suffer any conditions?

    4. Heroes don't get gold, if they KO enemy heroes,with ability's, send deckhand's to do the KO'ing or force an enemy to KO himself. right?

    5. Slasher can copy every 0-cost Attack, with his second attack?

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    Rules main p19 "Rigging counts as 1 Zone of a move" so the answer would be yes.

    Rules main p19 "Anytime a Hero KO's a Deckhand or Bosun with an attack they receive 1 gold per KO'd crewman". You have KO'd them (they have since returned) so yes if done with an attack you receive the gold and then they come back.

    I would assume that it depends...
    For example Leopold is "Remove all conditions and then move one zone/condition removed" If you remove no conditions you would move no zones so redundant. Lars Removes all conditions from friendly hero (which includes removing zero) and then that hero receives +1 die to all Attacks; so this could be remove no conditions (which is still an amount where all = zero) and then you would add the additional effect.

    Rules main p19 KO'ing an enemy with any action other than an Attack does not grant gold. So 100% correct there.

    Not sure what you mean by this question...
    If you mean that as an Attack action (1 action spent) Slasher could for 0 gold copy any enemy single action attack and after paying its cost use it (so if it costs 0 then he pays 0 for his attack action and +0 for the copied attack action) then yes he gets an enemies attack action (which is an attack for him so grants gold if he KO's targets) which costs 0.

    If you mean he gets to copy potentially multiple 0 cost enemy attacks actions with his single action then no he cannot do this. So if Slasher used this on Cpt Pale he could use Multi-Talented as a single action to copy either Quicksilver Blade (0 cost) or Magnificent Bastard (0 cost) each a single action. If he has action points remaining then Slasher could use the attack again and copy a different action from Cpt Pale (or someone else).

    I am 99.9% certain you meant the first point. So yes Slasher can use his second listed attack action to copy any (once/action) single attack action of any deployed enemy paying the listed cost; which will be 0 if the attack costs 0.

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