What Your Top 5 POWER HOUSE Team?
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Thread: What Your Top 5 POWER HOUSE Team?

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    Post What Your Top 5 POWER HOUSE Team?

    heres mine...

    Captain Dracula (bonedevils captain) CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT! like a bat flying over the battlefield thirsty for blood// ready to strike whenever, wherever! =Element wind.

    Patchwork Porter (bonedevils quartermaster) SUPPORT MACHIIIIENE! healingz, coins, DICE!!! fertile like the earth!

    Killer Kaya (mercenaries gunner) LONGSHOT HARPOON! that raaaange...// save from a distance.. defensive but very offensive ate the same time! ppl say she is hot like FIRE!

    the Slasher (mercenaries swashbuckler) MULTI-TALENTED! shapeless like water switching into a different form, imitating the opponents strongest attack!

    Leopold (mercenaries BRUTE!!!) just read his card... pure hard-body rock solidness! representive as the tree of life! Wood//Metal

    whats your favorite/ strongest team?)

    lets build...

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    yo.. i have 2 options for my next fight, against the mazu's.. first option:

    Greedy Mercenary-team:

    (Captain) Sarah Kale: Hunting down those bleeding calf's. Slowing and blinding those who can still run.
    (Gunner) Dudley: Running around, looking for someone who got the balls to duel him.
    (Swashbuckler) Mister Cuddles: Making sure the team is never broke.
    (Quartermaster) Marie Sue: Coach of the team. Swapping injured teammates against recovered ones with shiny gold.
    (Brute) Don Quixote: Squeezing some extra coins out of the Bosun's. Ready to go in, when the moment is right.

    ..come with the highly gold-related mercenary-deck, on the wellsport ship.

    if this won't work i'll go with the...


    (Captain) Hook: Stunning with the hook(Baseattack roll of 6). Able to knock an enemy within 2 Zones overboard(Ability, Cost 4). Someone's getting wet?= 4 Damage (Reaction, Cost:2)
    (Gunner) Damien Serre: Pushing enemies within 3 zones. Jumping out of the enemy's range(1 Zone) and shooting back(2 Damage), if being attacked.
    (Swashbuckler) Sinbad: Only hero in this team, who can't push. Just going in and making a massacre.
    (Quartermaster) Peter Pan: Observing the action from the reserve, until he's ready to play with the shadows. Once he's deployed, it's gonna be a rigparty. (+2 to rigging checks(Cost 2))
    (Brute) Lebouf: Someone's hitting my objectives? GTFO ! Mighty Swing (heroes hit are pushed up to 2 zones(Cost 2)) UNSTOPPABLE ADVAAAAANCE!!1|! (move 3 zones all enemies in these zones > overboard)

    ..coming with the LaBruise-deck on the LaBruise ship.

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