TCM M05: Mall Raid - Must use 7+ Survivors rule?
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Thread: TCM M05: Mall Raid - Must use 7+ Survivors rule?

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    Question TCM M05: Mall Raid - Must use 7+ Survivors rule?

    Bout to stream TCM M05: Mall Raid ( and in preparation for the show we noticed the mission basically makes you play with a minimum of 7 survivors. Even though some of them are not allowed to start with any equipment and are separated from the main group.

    According to the TCM Rulebook, when playing with 7+ survivors you must abide by the following rules (but it does not state it in the mission text):

    "Add 1 additional Spawn token per 2 Survivors above the sixth (round up). Stack these additional Spawn tokens in the same Zones as existing ones or in any new Spawn Zone of your choice, if you have several available. Yes, that means some Zones will double or even triple their spawn rate!

    Classic starting Equipment cards won’t be enough to fit a 7+ Survivors game. Include an additional Pan per odd additional Survivor (7, 9, 11, etc.) and an additional weapon (Axe, Pistol, or Crowbar, you choose!) per even additional Survivor (8, 10, 12,etc.).Everyone must begin the “zombicide” with a weapon."

    So even though the mission clearly states the "Survivors to Save" start with no equipment, shouldn't we be allowed to start with the extra equipment? I think its fair if we have to add the additional spawn points.

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    Got the answers! Just FYI if anyone else missed it like I did or is wondering:

    the extra survivors are not considered for determining extra spawn points for 7+ survivors (see mention in mission special rules "do not count towards maximum nr of survivors") so you dont add spawn points and neither extra starting equipment.
    you would only add more spawn points/equipment if the rescuing group contains more than 6 survivors (but then you also need to add a 4th car to be able to finish the mission).

    And the cars can totally be searched normally but not driven.

    Both are clearly stated in the mission breakdown...musta just been out of it yesterday!

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