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    Is the Wolverine mini considered a special character or can you have multiples of him on the field

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    He's a hero, so the intention is just one.
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    I thought it was pretty silly it was a hero unit too but I imagine that it was so you can't just spam his abilities and such

    I actually have 2 of those suckers (and want a third) so I play it that each one can be used only once (even if it's at the same time)

    the he thing is that it sorta throws off the Blight side a little
    Havn't really noticed a massive power gap or anything though
    I just have to get around to customizing another Blight hero to fill the gap!

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    Rivet alWars rules are pretty flexible. Even if Blight didnt get extra heros to 'balance' extra wolverines the cost of purchasing them would probably prevent too much abuse. Have a play! I've got it easy - I've only got one model!
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    Reason I was asking is because Decar posted this link and the core box bits here are way cheaper than EBay, just bought an extra set of Blight troops and Allied troops for around $6 for a set of nine for each side...anyone interested in extra bits might find a great deal here

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    Don't know how other people like to play it but we only have one instance of the heroes and once they are gone we don't allow them to re spawn unless we are using the medic tent I made (the advantage of capturing it in game) we do allow plug ins to come back or vice versa however but never the original model. You could say they have either lost their vehicle or once wounded decided to return with the added protection of a tank around them!

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