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    Just wondering about the C.O.R.E. rule that says;
    - For every 250 points in a CORE force it must contain at least 75 points of models with the MENIAL special ability.
    Does that mean that the total points including the Menial can't go over 250 points, or would a list with
    - a CHURGEON (100)
    - a RECOVERY UNIT (100)
    - a THUMPER (85 with Menial)
    would be illegal for a <300 point game?

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    You are more likely to get answers at the official Dark Age forums (http://dark-age.com/forum/) or the Samaria in Ashes Facebook group. The main CMoN forums are mostly frequented by painters, not players.

    As for your question - I not sure if the rule is 0-499 p = at least 75 points of menial, 500-749 = at least 150 points of menial (for every FULL 250 points have at least 75 points of menial); or 0-250 = at least 75 points of menial, 251-500 = at least 150 points of menial (for every 250 points or PART THEREOF have 75 points of menial). I think it is the former, ergo your list should be legal.

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