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    I want to put all my Arcadia Quest stuff into one box, and I mean with Inferno and all Kickstarter extras. For that, I am going to get some foam board, and then make two inserts into the original game box.

    The box is about 30cm x 30cm x 10cm in size. The lower insert will be 7 cm tall. It does not need a bottom: it will never be taken out. It will look L-shaped: the hole, 21cm x 21cm, will contain the tiles (this gives me the height: 28 tiles, 0.1 inch each, yields approximately 7cm). The largest monster we have is Dread Kind, and he's 7 cm tall; the box to contain him, Dragons, and possibly Ignus, will be in the bottom part of the L thing. If I make it 21cm cm long, this can contain three Dread Kings without overlaps; I wonder if that can contain the Dread King and 4 Dragons (and Ignos!). What remains is a box 9cmx30cm. A part of it can go to contain quest cards (on their side, length-wise, taking about 3.5cmx12cm) and most of the upgrades/rewards, taking over 12 cm of length out of that 30cm box. Another part, 14cm long, should be able to contain all the standard size cards (frigging Dragons need 156 cards! thanks Trigoras for the card count btw). The middle, 9cm x 6cm, can contain the rest (approximately 5cm tall stack) of small cards, and the rest of space will be spent on internal walls.

    The second layer will be about 5cm (because Frank). It will need a bottom; luckily, there's not a lot of terribly wide guys, and for monsters like Frank (and whoever is coming from the Inferno), if they are a little bit too wide, I can cut a few holes in that bottom without large loss of bearing function. This one has no interior walls, just a layer of heroes and monsters. Arcadia Quest, Nameless, BtG, and 9 extra heroes together loosely fill about 60% of the box, so if Inferno, pets, etc doubles that volume, it still should be enough. Pet figures are small, as far as I can see.

    Finally, I'll glue a layer of something like polyurethane packaging protector to the top of the box, to minimize the movement of figures on the top insert (maybe do the same with the dragon box).

    My current problems are:
    1) No way to fit in the books (and there's gonna be plenty: there's 4 now, about 1cm tall, and booklets are a wee bit wider than the tile)
    2) Tokens. There's plenty of them, whether plastic or cardboard, even if I keep only 4 guides in that box. Separate a small area in the upper part?..
    3) The total height is a bit larger than 10cm of the box, so the lid will not close completely. Is 2cm too big of a gap? I don't intend to carry it around much, but some sort of a felt belt that would hold it together would make sense at some point.
    4) The box is gonna be heavy, which means it's gonna tear, especially in the corners. What is a good way to reinforce them?
    5) Maybe make the top layer with a hole into the Dragon bucket, so that there won't be problems with fitting everyone? But then the purpose, separating the heavy guys who bend smaller detailed minis from smaller detailed minis, is somewhat defeated...

    If only the Inferno box was a wee bit larger than the original...

    Any suggestions are appreciated. How do you guys keep your stuff? I saw people using Stanley organizers; is there anybody for whom it worked?
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    I don't think that packing just everything into one big and cluttered box would be practical.
    Because of the following:
    -It will be either too big or too heavy to move around easily.
    -It will contain such a quantity of items that you would probably be obliged to move things around (in and out of the box) when looking for a specific item.
    -It won't be transportable, specifically if you do not design something to facilitate moving around the box.
    -It won't make sense to have all those expansions together, you won't be able to play them all in just one day!

    So having this in mind, and wishing to be of help you could:
    1.Design a main container to have everything in it, possibly made of a more resistant material than foam (maybe wood?) or try to find one that it suits you mesurement requirements.
    2.Make it modular! so you can take out just what you need... let's play basic plus pets... let's play from the grave plus blue dragon... let's play inferno!
    3.If you are planning to move to a mate's house/games bar, make sure you'll be able to move things around effortlessly !
    4. Remember that in this last kickstarter they are going to provide a big box able to contain everything on the ks in it!! So mybe you could wait until it is delivered and see if it fits what you are looking for and then duplicate it for the rest of the older games..

    Hope this helps you out in your mission or at least gave you some idea to handle it all
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    CMoN games, particularly older ones, are designed to hold the main game unused. Once you unwrap it, punch out the card board, paint the minis or add expansions (even Kickstarter extras!) the game doesn't fit anymore. Newer games, like Blood Rage and Black Plague, do this better, but not even these handle expansions very well. I understand why this is - shipping is expensive, bigger boxes would mean shipping air that costs a fortune. So I suggest getting a second box. For my Zombicide, I use a photo case for the minis.

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    Thanks oistene. I think I can fit everything from the first Kickstarter into the original box, but I have to give up the hope for individual slots for minis. - this guy fits everything in the basic game with plenty of free space, but the Dread King alone is probably too large to hope for the same level of modularity, with fancy card stack raisers and whatnot. - is that the kind of box you use?

    Thanks Maenas. You are right, let's wait for the inferno box. The idea of a wooden (plywood?) box is great: I can find one of them laser burners and burn logos!

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    Mine is probably not as large and clearly not as fancy, as it cost a third of that - but yeah, one like that.

    Also, the inserts that guy have made look GREAT. I use tackle boxes for counters and dice, but they do not handle cards so well.
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