A Silent Menace (~33мм sculpt)
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Thread: A Silent Menace (~33мм sculpt)

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    Default A Silent Menace (~33мм sculpt)

    Hello, fellas!

    Here I want to share with you a character I've sculpted for MyWay Miniatures, ~33мм size (28мм Heroic Scale):
    An ascetic techknight, who took a vow of silence after some gruesome events in his past, seeking revenge and remission...


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    A little P.S. I want to drop here as this is my first post on forums:
    I've been a CMoN lurker for quite some time, fascinated and amazed by all the awesome works and artists here, when one day this critical mass of inspiration detonated and I've decided to try myself in a modelling, both sculpting and painting. Not sure where it will bring me, but I definitely owe a big gratitude to this community who created and brought all that mass here. Cheers!
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    Nicely done!

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    Looks pretty cool! Nice detailing on the back of the shield and on his face. The stitches across his lips are creepy!

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    Nicely done! A very unique model
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