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    is there any minimun requirement required on Android (Tablet) to play this game ?
    Because i just bought Xeno APP on my ASUS tab and the game crashes at "Initializing divisions" loading
    This happens on solo,multi, and tutorial mode.

    Any help is Welcome

    Thank you

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    I finally updated my ASUS MeMO PAD10 (ME102A) with the last version of Firmware, and now the Game crashes when i launch it. (window appears and crash immediately afer)
    Before the update, i was able to enter and navigate into the menu/option mode ....
    so i guess my problem is an hardware issue but what's problem ?? i dont find any informations about equipement required for this game.

    Thx for help.

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    Founded on internet, the game required Android 4.0 version or more, im unsing the Android 3.6 version, that's why the game doesn't work on my tab.

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