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    Hey everyone, I was looking for recommendations for "learn to paint miniature" resources. I don't have a preferred format I just want good information. The information i am gathering is for my next project.

    Life Story: I've admired miniature games for years and with the coming of a new star wars movie i decided to get imperial assault. I know imperial assault isn't exactly a wargame, but i do intend to paint them. For this project i am following Sorastro's painting guides. It's not perfect, but i am enjoying myself.

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    Nice, sounds like a fun project!

    Check out the work in progress threads on this site, they're a great source for information. In terms of tutorials, it depends a bit on what you want to do. If you're just trying to get some basic color on them to play with, you can find a lot on youtube. Try a search for how to paint space marines and you'll get plenty that will cover washes to do shadows and dry brushing for highlights. If you are trying to paint really nice looking figures to game with or just display and enjoy, I recommend Painting Buddha. These are going to be more on the advanced side, but they're free (you can donate to help fund them but it's not required) so there's nothing to lose by checking them out.

    You can take a look at the shop here, there are a number of painting dvds available. You might also like the tutorials from James Wappel. He's got a bunch here in the shop, but probably best to start with the Shaded Basecoat one

    For a big list of tutorials, check out They're a compilation site of tutorials from all over the net. It probably isn't the easiest place to start since there is just so much there, it's hard to figure out where to begin. But it's good to know about.

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    Thank you for your reply. There is a lot of new information here.
    My interest lays primarily in painting really nice looking figures (for display). Might as well try to be the best i can be.

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    If you're starting from complete scratch, stuff like Painting Buddha will probably be a little over your head at first. And James Wappel is a great painter but he has a very specific and unique style that doesn't really work for everyone necessarily.

    I'd recommend when starting out to look at places on Youtube like Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic and Miniwargaming Jay, just to learn the basics like thinning paint, applying even coats, washing, drybrushing, basic edge highlighting, and then moving on when you are ready to glazing, and at that point the more intermediate stuff will make a lot more sense.

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