Hey everyone, in order for all to have a better experience with Onslaught, I compiled my list of tips & tricks!

Feel free to expand this thread with your own, of course!

Tips & Tricks

For single player, Command Center and Science Lab are definitely the better options.
You can try Grafting Lab as well if you have the expansion, they're really strong in Wave 1.

Wave 1:
Kill Shieldswarms as soon as they appear (With a grenade, or at least cancel their reveal effect with a shotgun).
Save your direct damage for Swarmers and Worm Hosts (Hawkeye, Grenade, Bombs, etc), they will both most likely make you lose 2 cards if they win a fight!
Smokers are less of a threat than they might appear at first.

Wave 2:
Combo your Wave 2 troops with similar items for maximum effect!
Stormtrooper + Grenades/Hawkeyes can just eliminate enemies before they even attack
Medics + Medpacks/Shields will most likely win you one fight
Make sure you only drop your Paratroopers after Reveal effects have happened! And if you can equip them with Assault Rifles and some armor, all the better!

Wave 3:
Read the AJAX flavor text. It is true. Use them with "first-strike" items (Assault Rifles or Stimpacks)
Save your Hyperion batteries for the _really_ strong enemies.
Keeping a fully equipped troop alive just one more fight means the world here. That's what your Defenders are for.
Do NOT attack face-down enemies with abilities if your base is low! They could be bombers!

General Tips:
- Sometimes, letting a troop trade with an enemy but keeping an instant or ability open is better than saving that troop.
- Scout Drones can be _really_ good. They can be INSANE if you are Science Lab. They can also be useless sometimes.
- Damage prevention items are only good when used at the right time.
- Reveal effect cancellation is king, but only really after Wave 1. That doesn't mean it's not useful for Shieldswarms!
- You should always try to save your instants for later, the more options, the better.
- In XenoShyft, your situation can always get worse!