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    Hi all,

    I am Eduardo, I am 27, and I started modelism when I was 12, with warhammer 40k, a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to give a try to sculpting. I started searching for information and transforming my miniature collection.
    After that I started making my own miniatures making a lot of errors and here I am.
    I still consider myself a starting amateur. I came to this forum looking for a good miniature sculpting forum and I hope I can learn from you guys
    I am also not very good at painting but I hope I can improve as well.

    If it is possible I will open soon a post in the WIP section so you can judge and comment a personal project I am involved with.


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    We look forward to seeing your stuff.
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    Thanks, actually let see if anybody can help this neewie.

    Right now I am sculping a collection of around 8 miniatures related, my plan is to sculp them, make copies and finally paint them.

    Shall I create a thread in the WIP section or may I created one in the sculp one and then another one in the wip one once I star painting.

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