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Thread: inspire of Ooroth of Sysor Deep (HADROSS)

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    Default inspire of Ooroth of Sysor Deep (HADROSS)


    The inspire of Ooroth replace the melee attack by a will attack OR the will attack is done (free?) before the action of the sevridan and ooroth ?

    the text:
    at the start of this model's activation is may make a will attack(1) against each enemy it is engaging with Resonate.
    On 1 or more sucesses that enemy suffers 1 damage.

    for me, the will attack is a free bonus if the conditions is fulfilled, not for my opponent.

    your opinion ?

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    Yep, at the start of the activation (before you choose to maneuver or act) you get the will attack on already engaged enemies with resonate.

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    that's my opinion too.

    how can stop the sevridan in game, and hadross in general, the will attack is too easy to realize, the leaders protect themselves and it's very easy to giving Resonate to all opponent quickly.

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    Remive resonate when you can, and try to stay out of range of the jellies. What is the opposing force having trouble with them?

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    it's Shael Han faction and Wrath children but i think the situation is the same with the other factions. the will attack is very strong, direct damage.

    another question, the orsund cavalier, his attack "tentacle grab", you don't have to hit the opponent for grabing him, right ? for each attack die on the enemy you can grab him to 4inch (for 2 dice, you move the enemy to 8 inch) ?

    i think remove resonate it's the solution for holding back the hadross but it's expensive (many actions lost for this).

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    It is strong, but in order to use it he has to get into contact with you, resonate you, wait a turn and then activate again before you can kill the Sevridan or remove the resonate. Right now, none of Shael Han's insights give you protection from Will attacks, so you're going to have to mitigate that by clearing the resonate, spreading out or hitting the jellies before they can hit you. If Ooroth is being run, it's likely to be a Sevridan heavy list so it's not going to be a fast army, so choose a motivation like Dirsupt Supply Line or Gather Intelligence and spread the markers out.

    Lotus Warriors would also be able to hit them without threat of attack (7" move over 6") and with Madam Mui they're killing them on 9+. Throw a Devourer in there to grab its insight and they're killing them on 8+, or use Mui's if they're packed together to kill them on 9+ and have others within 2" make will checks to stay alive. Madam Mui's training would also be pretty good against Hadross (Goritsi and Teknes too) but would not have Critical Blow (+x) (it's not the Lotus Warrior's attack, it's just an attack the enemy suffers).

    The Cavaliers pull is "for each attack die assigned", you don't have to hit and can pull one thing 8" or two things 4".
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