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    Hello everybody !

    The name's Julien and I'm a "newcomer" in the Arcadia Quest world.
    Bought the game 3 weeks ago, loved it, and late pledged the new one

    I'm here today because I would like to create a full co-op campaign. To do so, I would like to create new Named Villains.
    Unfortunately, In the pack we can get here :, there is no Named Villain blank card (the named have a black background and no level).
    I would like to know if anyone would have found that anywhere, if not, I'll try to contact CMON directly.

    Have all a very nice day !

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    Only just saw this- Unfortunately there is not one that I have seen. BTG does not use the "Named Villain" cards like AQ did for Schmetterling and Bullroarer. Instead they had level based Villain Cards like they did for Lord Fang. I would generally say this is preferable, as it ensures the villains scale with the heroes.

    I wonder if CMON will ever do more of those type villains or if instead they will always do level based ones. I also am curious if they would prefer to have made the original game stick to being level based for all of its enemies.

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