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Thread: Tau tournament list critique

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    Default Tau tournament list critique

    Ok. So there's a significantly sized tournament coming up, 1500 points. One LOW/Superheavy allowed.

    This is the 1500 list I've drafted:

    Fireblade + 10 fire warriors
    Fireblade + 10 fire warriors
    2 broadsides with high yield missiles
    2 broadsides with high yield missiles
    5 stealth suits
    6 stealth suits (2 with fusion blasters)
    Supremacy suit....


    I'm personally wondering if it would be better to drop one of the set of broadsides and the stealth suits fusion blasters in exchange for another unit of 5 stealth suits.

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    Drop one FW each. 9 is a magic number for Morale Check, until you get to 12 guys. Turn those points into M-Drones for your b-sides.

    Your wondering: Heck no. Take b-sides over Stealths any day, range, Str of gun, toughness, Armor Save, etc.

    What other models do you own? Overall, this doesn't look like it will do well. Is this even close to a full 1500?

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    The problem with dropping the fire warriors for drones is that without drone controller that drone is BS2 and barely hitting anything...

    Yeah, my first thoughts was thats enough of both options but a mate was trying to convince me to get more stealth suits in there...

    I've got a crap ton of fire warriors, piranhas, hammerhead, devilfish, pathfinders, crisis suits, shadowsun, farsight...

    And yup. Full 1500 points. 600 go on the supremacy suit which is going nowhere from this list :P In a 6k game at the weekend that one model accrued probably 4k worth of 3 turns.

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