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    Hey all,

    I recently got back into 40K and painting minatures, since I stopped about 14 years ago when I was 14. I always enjoyed the painting aspect, and have found this website really inspirational and a great community.

    Anyway yesterday I uploaded a picture I had on my phone. This is the 8th mini I have painted since resuming. Any constructive criticism of how to improve would be very much appreciated. Also a vote on the pic so i can get a better handle for the general consensus


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    Welcome, slightly delayed of course. I don't lurk around here much but once a week.

    Anyway, picture taking is an art in of itself, but I'll skip that for now. Be aware that it can help or hurt a score, if you're concerned about that. Let's hit negatives (for me) first, then the positives. End on a high note yes?

    There's a lot of "debris" around his legs. Not sure if that's intentional or not. If intentional, it needs a lot more dirt. If not on purpose, it just needs cleaned up. The skull on his helmet could use a bit more paint around the edges. As it sits now, there's a blue edge to it. Then on the shoulder pad, the light blue line around the edge could be cleaned up to make it more straight.

    Positives. It's a nice solid blue coat, and well applied. Good control of the colors between the blue of his hands and the black of the gun. I would have gone with more black on the gun, but that's personal opinion only and not a ding on the paint job of that. As that stands, it looks well done there. The eyes are very well done, and kudos for that. And bonus points for actually putting a base together and not leaving it blank. All in all, a solid paint job.
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    Nice come back. More like the lenses on the whole thing Less line highlights and more blending and contrast!
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    Cheers for the feedback guys, much appreciated. Will definitely start trying to avoid line highlighting & starting blending the armour.

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