finally been able to open my own WIP thread.

first one isn't really WIP anymore as it's allready finnished, sorry

I've finnished it in september 2015. The figure is by Rackham, the rats come from freebooter and accessoires from various sources (I remember that I used 2 Scibor floor tiles and parts from various inhalers I need to use) To paint it i used mainly acrylics, inks and some pigments. The groundwork was build up using a mix of Magic Sculp and Mig pigments. As I am fairly new to all things fantasy (this is my second fantasy figgie I ever finnished) I would like to hear all your comments, critique, tips and tricks. i also know that I'm very, very bad at taking pics, so all help in the department is more then welcome. Of yeah, the title is simply : Rats!

Finally, here are the pics :

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And the figure itself from some different angles :

The wooden barrel on his back is about the only thing I'm really happy with. It's also the only part where the NMM parts aren't awfull. This is a very big issue I need to work on; a lot!

And here are some pics from the enemy ; the mighty Rats!

The metallic raster in the wall is one of the parts that come from my inhalers :

So, that's it for my first entry. I hope you enjoyed watching my work, or at least had a good laugh with my attempt at painting fantsy figgies.