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Thread: The doopest dopeness (or not) by Gino2dope

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    Whaaaat can i say-well first no disease could ever stop the onslaught of your wizardwandesq brush!!! Such a delight to finally see just some very anticipated and marvelous work from your end of the earth. You have a huge amount of talent and an even larger amount of creativity to come up with dj psycho -EXCELLENT WORK THERE. Just phenomenal work there.
    My favorite though is and I’ve seen quite a few of these cawdor minis... this is just an incredible pice if painting magic bro. I can only add that -change nothing !!!your artistry and creative juices combined with a solid technical skillset make me desire , covet and await with anticipation your work as it continues to amaze,inspire and makes us feel plain ole awesome inside. Gino your dope bro-some Ill type awesome shiznits .

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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you very much for your nice comments. You guys have motivated me to keep on throwing paint, I can't explain how important these comments are to me!!!

    Hi Ekipag,

    Yeah, if the OSL thing doesn't work on that little dude I can still say he has some kind of std. Like the burning mushroom disease or so. Don't plant this at home though!

    Hi Stephanwolf,

    I wish someone would do an high quality resin bust or big scale figure from Fallout. Those games have given me so much day of post nuclear fun. Well, more figures based on computer games should appear if it was up to me.

    Hello Sainttoad,

    No, nothing changed on the hat it's like that. There are more great little bust in the JMD range, well worth checking out. There's also one of a co pilot tor this figure, but mine will be a star player of a futuristic American Football kind of sport, but with a lot more violence!!! No, it's not called Bloodbowl

    Hi Bam,

    Wow thank you my man! Such nice comments coming from one of my idols, didn't just made my day but a whole year!!! I never like to copy any artist, afterall a copy is still just a copy, but I like to think that my work is influenced by a bunch of artist. And you are one of them, and especially the Cawdor figure was painted with your figures as inspiration. More Cawdor, but also 40k, figures are in the pipeline, and that's all thanks to you. So shizzle my nizzle!!!

    Keep those brushes wet and happy painting,


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    Loving your work Gino, the bust is superb but special shout out to the Cawdor guy. Nostalgia is strong with this one for me ha, but you've done a great job with the muted colours in him.

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    Wow the bust looks really great! Love the face.

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