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Thread: The doopest dopeness (or not) by Gino2dope

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    Super dope!!! Gino babes you never fail to come up with something impressive- I’m really digging your work with playing with light- and all the other brilliant effects you create when da man- very inspiring bud!!! To say the least.

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    Hello SaintToad,

    Thank you very much for your nice comments. Durgin Forge is a company from Italy. They have a range of about figures now, most of them are dwarves and they have just finished their second Kickstarter campaign for about 20 more. The also some great dogs, and they also have a 75mm figure. The second KS concentrated more on humans. They will be released around 2020, but I wish they were already here. My figure for the trouble at the library piece was also a Durgin Paint Forge. One of the better ranges I've discovered the last couple of years.

    Take care,


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    Hi Bam,

    Thanks a million for your nice words, I appreciate it a lot. Got plenty more idea's I hope to realise one day, but for many I don't have the skills (yet) to do them.

    Keep on BAMming,


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    Thanks for the tip. I had a look through their range and it looks pretty great. I love dwarves, too! I’m trying to discipline myself to paint the minis I already have, or I’d blow up the budget over there!

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