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Thread: an unofficial Wrath of Kings army builder web app

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    Default an unofficial Wrath of Kings army builder web app

    I put this together over the past few weeks:

    Select the game size and a faction, build your army, and share it or print out a Conquest of Kings records sheet. I'll keep it up-to-date as new models are released. Enjoy!

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    One word...Epic. Thanks so much! Really appreciate the Conquest of Kings Record sheet. Print and Go!

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    the only thing it is missing seems to be the objectives you choose.

    but it is great

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    I'd assume you'd be writing those in on the print-out as the games are played.

    Glad you guys like it.

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    Very neat! Thanks for sharing!

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    been looking for something like this. Thanks =D

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    I added the new Goritsi, Nasier and Teknes units.

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    Brilliant, thank you good work, a great tool!

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    Great job, Dave! Thanks for this!

    Would you also consider putting in an entry for the modified skirmish-level force that CMON seems to like to use for tournaments?

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    4 Leader, 18 infantry, 2 specialists and 6 options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilDave View Post
    4 Leader, 18 infantry, 2 specialists and 6 options?
    Yes. That's the one

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilDave View Post
    I just added it for you.
    Thank you

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    Oops. There's an Options List #2 which shouldn't be there?

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    Why not? That's how the CoK tourney rules work.

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    You've got the 6 options twice.

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    Plus when you actually use Option #2, the numbers come out in fractions. So adding an Ashman is only 0.5 and 4 Ashmen only takes up 2.

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    Read the Conquest of Kings rules, there should be two option groups:

    Ashmen are 1/3 an option, what browser are you using that they're 1/2?

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    Sorry. You're right. it's 1/3 option. Not used to seeing fractions.

    But the Option list. According to the rules say

    • Options (select x6 of the following)
      x3 Rank 1 Infantry
      o x1 Rank 1 Specialist

    Using your army list with Option #2 ends up with

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    Even if I were to take an all-Ashmen army, I don't think I'm supposed to end up with 54 Ashmen.

    Option List #1 is correct.

    Option List #2 is over the limit of troops allowed.
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    You choose option 1 or 2 before playing. You don't get both of them. Again, read the PDF I linked to. It explains the system.

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