Sculpting a mini lotus.
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Thread: Sculpting a mini lotus.

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    Default Sculpting a mini lotus.

    Title pretty much says it all. Im tring to sculpt a lotus blossum for a 50mm mini to be slightlu bigger than palm sized. Is there some cleber way to achieve this, or am I just doing each petal separately?
    Representitive picture:
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    When I was sculpting rose I have done each petal separetely. If it would be smaller you could do whole blossom but in this size I think its best way to do it. Good luck with paintig after, quite tricky to paint bottom side of petals which are inside.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    I'd also do it petal by petal. Not that hard and doesn't take that long too.
    The flower of the rose here ( was done like that. And I'm like an anti-talent in sculpting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heldiar View Post
    Good luck with paintig after, quite tricky to paint bottom side of petals which are inside.
    wash that's what they are made for. Or simply paint the inner/bottom color first and then you won't have a problem with the outer/top parts.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    My rose was bit smaller then real one with little gaps between petals. I have tryed wash that didnt work, so I ended up with old brush and push paint as deep as I could. Sad part that was gift for my wife and my daughter drop it like year later.
    One day I will finish that mini

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    Theres alot of stuff like this in the dollhouse communities made from paper, a google search for making dollhouse flowers comes up with alot of tutorials for various types of flowers but I've not seen any specifically for lotuses but you might be able to get some ideas from there

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    I would do each petal individually. I would however be tempted to use paper or tin foil rather then clay or green stuff.

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