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Thread: Painting Vehicle HeadLights?

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    Default Painting Vehicle HeadLights?

    Hey all

    I am currently painting a couple of SM razorbacks. I can't work out a decent way to do the headlights without an airbrush, and can't find any decent guides either.

    Can anyone give any hints & tricks?


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    you could put some real LED's in there,.. drill a couple of small holes to run the wires, and hide the battery pack inside the tank. Otherwise, some OSL might work,.. color would be up to you.
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    Nitro tint by AK works well for lights, currently they sell red green and yellow in 3 pack. There super thin paint thinner or about same as badger ghost tins.

    A quick way paint black, thing light to brighter metal over it. Not sure the paints you used than apply 1 coat at time to build up the effect, won't be as effect as osl but will look real enough.

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    Look at NASCAR pics or NHRA funny car pics. They don't have real headlights, but decals.
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    You could do the headlight OSL like i did it on theses plasma weapons:
    No AB required.
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