Nova Open experience with CMON and WoK...what are CMON employees made of?
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Thread: Nova Open experience with CMON and WoK...what are CMON employees made of?

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    Default Nova Open experience with CMON and WoK...what are CMON employees made of?

    To whom it may concern:
    First and foremost, I am not associated with CMON or the NOVA open. I am a gamer and a dad. You'll also note I will not mention specific stores, teams, as this is specifically a personal message targetted at CMON reps. from NOVA 2015 and the CMON company in general.

    Last year (2015) was the first year I attended NOVA Open. My 9 year old son is an artist at heart, somewhat of a prodigy (but it comes with ADHD and some other issues). He does not have the stamina to put up a 3 round tourney for example, but loves to play casually with me 30-45min. at a time. Until Nova, we played your basic board games, and he painted up a mini-list for another very popular skirmish game which even impressed the folks at our LGS.

    I took him after hearing about NOVA at our LGS and my son and I love hanging out with the players there and watch games play out. I took him with the intention of supporting our NJ friends playing several tourneys, playing the free board games in the game room that was setup, and check out some of the demos. But most of all for the art seminars in terrain which he loves to build. He excelled in making his own terrain, 1 piece was used the next day in Infinity. And swimming in the pool was the number 1 priority. It was an end of summer mini-vacation to the dismay of many hardcore gamers reading this post, LOL.

    That was until we met CMON representatives early Friday morning. I don't think at first they took us too seriously but within 5 minutes my son and I were demo'ing Rum'n Bones. We looked at some of the other games including Rivet Wars, so cool. We then hit the table-top playing a demo of Wrath of Kings for another 15min. Then as expected my son wanted to run off. But guess what happened. He went straight for the tourney room and he went nuts over the terrain. He fell in love with the WoK world. Add to this that 1 particular representative showed him the tricks of the terrain made, which gave my son tons of ideas. My son got to touch and play with mini's from all the factions and kick ars terrain that was laid out. He analyzed and appreciated the pro paint jobs on all the displayed models. We spent 1 hour with different members of the team. How the hell did my son stay put for 1 hour!

    But in the end, I didn't commit to a purchase. Why? Because I know my son and he could completely change his mind the next day or because of his other issues. I tried to explain this to the person who's brain we basically sucked dry, but an awesome thing happened. He said don't worry, it's completely fine. No pressure sale, no making me feel bad for having spent so much time there. So I thanked them, my son thanked them, and we were on our way.

    I'm pleased to report that Saturday morning was a repeat of Friday. My son woke up wanting to hit the CMON area first. I was like 'What? OK!' (and inside I was imagining the CMON team like...'uhoh they're back! Run! Hide your brains!'). But this time it was my son asking all the questions, specifically about the Teknes faction. I was seriously considering the game now. The guys also assured me the starter rules for WoK were simpler and would lend themselves to shorter games. You see, with my son I have to play the simple versions of rules, it keeps the pace fun and he doesn't get overwhelmed and lose interest. So this my friends..sold us. In the end we walked away with the show special and a Teknes starter box and the hardcover. We started to put our Teknes starter together that weekend and coming home, played a couple of small skirmishes. I was then ordered to buy my own faction...because "why would my piggies fight with their buddies, that doesn't make sense dad!".

    Since then, we've read the fluff part of the book twice. My son hates Hadross and their love ocean nature ways as "they disrupt my possible technological advances!" So of course I picked up my Hadross starter, we ordered a CAGE for him, and a tier 2 specialists box for each faction. My wife doesn't table-top game, but she's a huge ocean life fan, so she's enjoyed watching me paint up Hadross and base them. We are the bane of my son's Teknes existence, LOL! She also loves the badass-ness of the Teknes army and most of all seeing the look on our son's face when he shows her how he painted them and their names (yes, my son has named some of his workers). My son enjoys going to the LGS and talking about his Teknes army and shows them off to our neighbors kids. I need not mention how everyone agrees the models are awesome and the details outrageous.

    Will WoK be the only game we will ever play? Of course not. Will we enter a tourney at NOVA? Probably not, but for now I'm extremely happy with just bringing our factions and perhaps we can play against you guys like my son did last year. Just watch out for his role playing the faction as he's marching across the table!

    The reason for sharing all this? Not for any brown nosing, or favors, or notoriety. I'm sorry I don't remember your names, members of the CMON team from the 2015 NOVA Open, but I will forever be grateful. You are one of the reasons my son urged me to register early for NOVA this year and we are coming back! You see, when we weren't at the pool we were in our room reading the book or gluing linemen. Wow. I wanted to express my deepest thanks, as a CMON fan, as a gamer, but most of all as a dad with a unique son who will forever remember these weekends at NOVA. We've been playing, and he's wanted to start learning more beyond just the starter rules. We play full games now. We got Rivet Wars and Rum'nBones. But, we keep coming back to WoK. I believe WoK has had an unintentional effect on him and to my benefit as I want him to love and appreciate the strategy in table-top gaming as much as I did as a kid. Looking forward to the Masmorra Kickstarter if it goes through.

    Please keep doing what you're doing, making new fans like you are, your patience, and love for the kid in all of us that want to play your games.

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    That's a rare message on the different forums nowadays, CMON is already an exception, a little paradise island! I like this community for such message and its content!
    I read your story and found it really interesting, how little event can create this motivation and focus for some kids... I am a father of two and my older son got into lego, you should see him now, asking for the most complex lego kit, finishing them all in record time at 5 years old.

    WoK is good, I have the kickstarter, started to paint them and love it too! Value is good, models are good, rules are simple! I wish you to enjoy every part of it and I hope that somebody from CMON will answer you!

    Continue painting and playing with your son, post some pictures from you and your son's mini, it is a great place to share paint jobs and getting advice!

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    What a great read! Extremely touching! Thanks for sharing!

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    Great post and great job CMON team. I have worked trade shows before and I have to tell you it is a really tough job. Great to hear that they took the time to make your son feel welcome.
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    I am so glad you posted this. So many people use the internet for a dumping ground for complaints. I support the NOCF every year by painting minis for them. Be it as part of the army's they raffle or this year by painting a few minis to be auctioned off. I have never had a chance to attend but I always worry about if my support is helping a good organization or not. On paper anyone can look good, but reading this I know without a doubt i am supporting a great event and people really enjoy themselves. Thanks again for sharing! You just snapped me out of a bit of a hobby funk Now to get back to prepping my minis for auction this year!
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    Boy I definitely didn't see that post going the way that it did. I kept waiting for the downturn that never came.
    Good job guys!

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    I linked to this in the CMoN Legion forums - odds are that the people you met will be seeing this there. If not, at least their supervisors will!

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    I was at NOVA 2015 and the CMoN employees did an incredible job selling me on WoK. I can't wait to see what they bring to the con this year, but will definitely be registering for a WoK tourney this year.

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    I'll be going to the Skirmish tournament this Nova! Can't wait for them to release the info on the tournaments.

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