Bonus victory points for legendary stats ruining the strategy?
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Thread: Bonus victory points for legendary stats ruining the strategy?

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    Default Bonus victory points for legendary stats ruining the strategy?

    Don't get me wrong, I really like this game. I even have started painting the models (pictures on CMON).

    I've read a lot that the game is very strategic and there are multiple strategies that can win. But is this really true?

    Every single time I play it, the winner is the one who has the highest clan stats and just blasts past everyone else at the end of the game when they suddenly get like +50 glory. Usually this takes their glory "round the clock" and they go over 100, and usually everyone is fairly close before that happens.

    It's such an end-of-game changer that I've even started thinking about just playing without those rules (no extra glory for legendary clan stats).

    Anyone else find this?

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    There are multiple ways to win, in that you can get points multiple ways. Usually it comes down to who was allowed to get the best combo. If you "suddenly get like+50 glory", you have either been winning a lot of fights, or developed a good combo to get you those stats.

    So yes, it is an "end-of-game changer", but it is fairly open, available information. Everyone should be working on increasing clan stats. Strategy comes in on deciding whether to try and push that last stat a place or two higher, or just take a few less points on the board or in quests that are more reliable. My experience is the point totals often do not appear close on the score tracker before the game ends, & it isn't until you get the stat bonuses that the game tightens up.

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    I agree that the bonus for legendary is "Too Much". It is nearly impossible to win against players who've maxed their stats without doing so themselves. Now there are several ways to evolve your stats, so there is some variety, but not getting a 60 point bonus is very difficult to overcome.

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