Hi everyone I'm Kris, thought I'd reintroduce myself as I've been away quite a while. I was never the most active member back when I used to frequent these forums anyway but have had a 3-4 year break from the hobby whilst life got a bit busier. Things haven't got any less busy but now I need a distraction again from responsibility so I'm trying to get back into it. I've managed to rescue some of my paints and dug out a few old GW models and some other bits that have sat around unpainted in that time whilst any progress I'd made to my skills have slowly tumbled down the drain haha. I was never great, but it's safe to say after my few recent attempts that I've slipped. It'll be a steep but hopefully quick climb back to somewhere near where I was if I can get the hang of it again. Then the long slow climb to get any better if I manage to stick it out. I was always one of the people needing advice more than I was qualified to give it out so I'm looking forward to pestering you all for help again!