So me and a couple of mates are planning on attending a 1500 point tournament around May. (You may spot my list in the forum....critique is welcomed!). As tournaments tend to be serious affairs I was thinking to lighten the mood a little by making some cool/unique/interesting objective markers for the games (I have no idea if the tournament organisers are supplying any or not).

My first question is do you guys (and gals) have any suggestions for cool looking objective markers? (Ideally I'd like to use actual models on them)

I have two rough ideas knocking around in my head which are:

Space marines painted to be statues - simple, effective, easy to do
Orks looting - Basically make large numbers, paint to look like rusted metal and have orks dragging/carrying them off.

Other armies I'm struggling to think of anything!

The good/bad idea part comes here. Would it be ok to give these away to an opponent after a game? I'm just thinking a "thanks for the game, these are on me" sort of thing. If they don't want them fair enough. But I figure win or lose it would be a nice thing to do.