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    1.) Blackout Bart, Gunner
    Attack: Greased Lightning Barrage = Hits may be assigned to any zones in range
    Does this mean, e.g. if the Hero scores 4 hits he may deal out these hits to 4 different zones in range one each instead of all of the 4 hits just to the pre-defined zone (before the attack). Or 4 hits to all possible zones in range, e.g. 3 zones in range would then be a total of 12 hits?

    2.) Nemo the Lost, Quartermaster
    Attack: Nautilus Barrage = May target any zone on the board
    The range of this attack on the card is "1" - should be "Special" or "Sp." just like the one for the Deck Gun or other Heroes I guess?

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    1) Your first interpretation is best. Here's how it would play out. Roll the dice. For each hit you score, you may choose a zone in range to apply that hit to. Assign all hits to zones, then assign the damage from hits to models, then resolve damage.

    2) Correct, the text for the range should be "Sp." (I believe this has been confirmed elsewhere, but I don't have the link.)

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