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    ok hello everyone, I had a thread on here before but I let it die because I kinda stopped enjoying painting. anyways im back and I might be very rusty but im remembering why I love this hobby. started on this stormcast lord on dragon thingy lovely model just begging for NMM. so heres where im at please feel free to comment

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    Welcome back, looking forward to your updates!

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    Bit more time to work this week and making good progress, really enjoying painting again. nothing is finished it all needs work. I havent done any galzing on the gold yet at all just the highlights and shades.

    All comments welcome



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    Looks very neat! Nice turquoisey blue colour there! Works nicely with the gold!

    Never forget why you love this hobby!
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    Great painting so far, looking forward to more.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Very impressive! Just out of curiosity, how long does each section take you to paint to this standard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bob View Post
    Very impressive! Just out of curiosity, how long does each section take you to paint to this standard?
    Thanks, I'd say I've put in around 10-12 hours so far to get to this point, but that includes re-working several areas I was unhappy with and I know I'm a slow painter anyway. As a rough rule of thumb 1-3 hours for something the size of a marine torso hope that's of some help

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    That seems pretty fast actually for that level of precision and detail. I look forward to watching your progress.

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    quite a bit of time spent painting over easter, though ive got a slightly dissjointed approach atm to im getting areas about 70% done then jumping to something else but its working for me so i might just keep it up.

    anyway made a start on the hammer arm for anyone interested that gauntlet took about 1.5 hrs this morning. two diff approaches on the steel i did the hammer head the other day and used some blue in my shadeing and on the lightning bolts on the helmet i used purely black mixed into the grey thoughts on which one works best welcome. the hammer head took about 6 hours its much bigger than you think when you start out.

    anyway thanks for looking all thoughts welcome


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    Looking fantastic, I think the nmm on the hammerhead looks better, it's weird because I can't make out any blue in it at all but it looks nicer than the lightning bolts. Overall the whole model looks fantastic so far, it certainly shows the amount of time taken is paying off. I use the disjointed method too lol I get each part done to about 80% and then do the last bits once it's all put together. I love the blue nmm on the armour too, really nice colour choice

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    This is looking great so far, and I appreciate the in-progress build-up photos of your technique.

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    Very smooth blending. Nice to see another great artist doing a wip.

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    Ok well it's been a very long time since I posted anything but I want to try and start this wip up again, what site are ppl using for image hosting now is it still photo bucket ?
    Cheers Rich

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Just resize and upload direct to the site!
    Ok thanks I'll give that a go
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    Apologies for double posting, here's my latest work you might notice a similar colour scheme to my previous model I can't help it I love this scheme and trying to refine it for a little comp coming up in May photo is from my phone so not the best quality any thoughts feel free

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    Looking good, I would think about making some parts brighter where the light is directly hitting the metal and spreading, for example up to white or almost white where some of the brightest parts are (like the peak running down the middle of the feet)

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    Crikey, that is some nice nmm. I’d agree with Sicks, maybe push the highlights up to white at the sharpest points if you really want a shiny metal look.

    Top work!

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    Thanks guys, atm I've stopped the highlights at baharoth blue just because of the way I'm working on an area at a time it's quite disjointed so I'm trying to get all the blue to the same level then I'll go in and take it upto pure white and hopefully get it to really pop more updates to come over the weekend hopefully with a proper camera too

    cheers rich

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    very nice work there the nmm gold is lovely on the first figure and your light placement on the blue enamelled sections shows real technical skill bravo sir.
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