Hi all! I recently got Arcadia Quest on my most recent trip to our FLGS. My kids loved the box and I had heard good things so we went for it and have loved it so far. My only complaint is that our Grom only has half an arm. We were excited to play and I figured CMoN support would likely be able to help anyway so we decided to keep it rather than go back to the shop and return it. The game has been a hit but I seem to have guessed wrong about the support part. I submitted a ticket 11 days ago as of writing this and have heard nothing back. I went to the Facebook page and messaged CMoN there 7 days ago; to my surprise I got a reply saying my ticket would be highlighted for review. Alas, nothing has come from that in the week since. I opened a second ticket hoping that the first one just fell through the cracks and it was simply closed. So, my question is, has anyone recently gotten hold of CMoN support? I know they are wrapping up Kickstarters and what not but going on two weeks without a reply seems ridiculous. Although my kids and I love the game, the fact that I am 0/1 on getting an intact product and 0/3 on getting a response is making me hesitant to buy any more.

On a lighter note, since Grom's ability is about being wounded, I've been thinking of painting a bloody stump where his arm is missing if I get around to painting him.
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