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    Default WoK Painting Thread!!!

    I notice dthat this forum doesn't have a WoK centric painting thread (as far as I can tell), so in the interest of community building I thought I'd start one. So lets use this thread to post our painted models, offer comments, talk about painting, etc, etc.

    I'll start!

    I'm not a great painter, so I decided to focus on a simple paint scheme with just a limited pallet for my Nasier. Grey, red and brown (and chalky white for exposed skin) with a black wash. Nice and simple!

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    The models look great, Jake! Nice, subdued tones that give the Nasier that slightly demonic image

    Given that they are so dark, however; have you considered making their base much, much lighter in order to reflect som light and color? If you keep going with ochre and bone colors you could easily give them a more desert-like base that would brighten up the model and add some warmth?

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    Thanks. I might do that. I wanted to keep the bases simple, but they do look pretty dark, don't they? I may go for a baked clay look. I'll probably wait till I have a dozen or so done and then do the bases all at once.

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    I like them. They're simple, yet very effective. I cold go either way on the bases - the plain, dark look draws the eye directly to the model, but I can see how a complimentary base would work as well.

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    I like your minis, and this thread. So that's my SHael Han. I'm sorry I didn't have cool pics, just old photos whose aren't good quality.
    Name:  20151027_125401.jpg
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    Those look great Slaaqgh. Nice painting and nice color choices. I was considering a grey skin tone for my larger Nasier characters and specialists, and I think you've sold me on it.

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    I think I saw them before, Slaaqgh, but those bases are really cool. Minis too, of course.

    I haven't nearly painted as much of my WoK as I'd like, but I've managed to do a fair bit of my Naiser. Got them in my gallery:







    Oh, and my Blood Engine!


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    Great stuff guys.

    I finished up my Scourge Hounds and Shield Breakers last night. More shots on my painting thread.

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    Evildave, those look great too. I just played a game against these models tonight for the first time. I've never looked at them closely before so I was wondering how they'd look painted. Turns out they'd look great!

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    Excellent models! I like the white and red on the Shael Han - nice, distinctive look!

    And the Goritsi look sharp, Evil Dave!

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    You can saw them in FB WoK group. I didn't post all my armies there, but some of them surely was.

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    I'm working on a Hadross army and a Shael Han. Here is a pic of a Sevridian that I finished. I'm not the best painter, but they look great on the table.
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    That does look pretty great. Even sideways!

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    I wanted to show different parts of the model at once. I am making this army in brighter colors, because I have never done brighter colors. Lots of dry brushing.

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    My Nasier Rathor and two more Ashmen.

    Name:  20160319_062053.jpg
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    Sweet! And my Rathor added to this thread
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    Sideways, but cool! Good job! Love the purple.

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    Very nice miniatures, I painted two small groups for testing the rules. Currently are big monsters (specialist rank 2) on the painting table.
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