For Sale: AT-43 Oni Army & Kickstarter Incursion Boardgame
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Thread: For Sale: AT-43 Oni Army & Kickstarter Incursion Boardgame

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    Default For Sale: AT-43 Oni Army & Kickstarter Incursion Boardgame

    I have the following items for sale. Please note that price doesn't include S&H, which will be calculated at cost for the method requested by the buyer. Also, I request that payment is received before items are shipped.

    Incursion boardgame - $100

    AT-43 Oni army - $300 (Given how impossible these figures are to find now I'd like to recover my costs, rather than take a loss on these)

    See picture below. Where the glue has broken loose on a figure, I've described that below. All of these should be a simple matter of just re-gluing the piece on though. This force includes the following:

    • Oni Army Book
    • 16 Virus Zombie Detonators w. Unit Cards - Two of these have popped off their bases, but can easily be glued back in
    • 24 Super Zombie Reanimator Alphas w. Unit Cards - Includes 12 regular troopers, 4 Zombie Gun special weapons, 2 medic specialists, 2 zombie master specialists, 4 officers. The arm has popped off of one, one has come off of his base and an ammo feed has come unattached, and one has come off his base with one of the feet breaking at the toes and remaining affixed to the base.
    • 3 Zombie Tac Arm Alphas w. Unit Cards
    • 2 Heavy Battletanks w. Unit Cards, including cards to field the tank as "Vlad, Bokov's personal vehicle. The smoke launchers have come loose from one and their is a fine crack alongside the barrel of one of the guns.
    • 3 Medium Destroyers w. Unit Cards, including a card to field a tank as "Limo," Priest's personal vehicle. The rear hatch handles have broken off of one, which also has some wonky suspension issues (tank doesn't sit flat).
    • 2 Light Enforcers w. Unit Cards, including a card to field a tank as "Saturday Night Special," Samedi's personal vehicle (note, I have the card for Samedi on foot, as well, but do not have the mini for sale).
    • Shogun Natalya Bokov w. Unit Cards both on foot and, as noted above, when piloting Vlad.
    • Daimyo J. Priest - For some reason I don't have his on foot card (though stats are in the rule book), but I do, as note above, have his card for when piloting Limo

    Please let me know if there are any questions.

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    I am interesting of ONI army... are still for sale?

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