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    I wanted to start a thread on basing the miniatures. Inserts look great, but they can be pricey. So far, I've used two inexpensive methods. On my Hadross army I used epoxy putty. I was able to give the epoxy a water texture. On my Shael Han army I'm using cork. The cork looks like rock, when painted and dry-brushed.

    I'm just curious about what other techniques everyone else is using.

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    i like the cork that's sticky on one side, you can cut nice little bricks out of it.Sand box sand that has been sifted to remove big pieces or w/e works well. I use thinned gorilla glue equivalent of elmers to adhere it. The book they sell on here has a neat suggestion of shattered cd casing as broken ice. Necrons come with some bright green plastic that works well as crystals. Just some quick ideas while im avoiding work.
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    I used a combination of cork and air dry clay to fill the void. When I first saw the bases I did not like them, but the more I worked with them I think I almost prefer them.

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    I filled mine with resin and based like I normally do: sand and static grass.

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    Hit my wip thread. tree bark and sand and bits from my bitz box for a few Wok werewolves i am painting up for the NOVA open to raffle off this year
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    A couple of ideas for Shael Han here:

    Covers rocky ground with grass, cobblestones and wooden decking.

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    I used wood putty to fill in the bases and simply set the miniature into the putty to dry. Gave a nice, uneven texture while holding the figure in place. Had to prop some up though while the putty dried, but it's cheap, easy to work with, and cleans up well with warm water.

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