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    Hey folks! Have any of you experienced any issues with Vallejo primers?
    Recently I bought the black one and there is a thing that really confuses me. The primer sticks to the surface not so tightly as I expected. In other words if I try to scratch it with my nail it peels of easily.
    Actually happened the following:
    I primed model and it looked solid and cool. I left it to dry out for 24 hours. Next day I started airbrushing on it. After airbrushing and 12 hours of drying I notices some dust on the model and I tried to clean it carefully with my nail... big mistake. The paint and the primer peeled so I could see plastic underneath. Reeeaaaly upsetting...

    Any ideas?
    P.S. the model was cleaned before priming with soapy water.

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    I made the switch to badger's primer. Vallejo's is a polyurathane so it's not sandable and is kind of like a shrink wrap paint. great if you have a perfect display mini fully prepped. Not so good if you need to fix something after priming.
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    I think Badger is not available in my country, unfortunately. Have you tried the citadel imperial primer (using airbrush)?

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    +1 for Badger, but Vallejo is still good if you can't get a hold of it. Any chance it was a metal miniature? I found Vallejo's primers to have a lot of problems adhering strongly to metal, even after weeks of curing, chances are a nail will always peel it off until you varnish it (and sometimes even then.) If it wasn't metal make sure you're putting a good coat on it, but not too much, it's a balance you'll get used to eventually. Also give it more time to cure, I got in the habit of giving my Vallejo primed stuff at least a few days cure out of caution. For non metal stuff it will take a while for it to be strong enough to hold up to a nail scratching it.

    Also, as Zab says, it forms kind of a shrink wrap on the mini, if part of it doesn't get enough primer then it can be weak in that area and come right up since it relies on the strength of the bond of everything around any given spot.

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    I have had the same issue with the Badger paint before on certain Metal miniatures. I found that it that happens, prime it and let dry for a day, then spray a coat of matte varnish on it and let it dry for another day.

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    Guys, thanks for your Replies!
    I've read somewhere in the internet that this also could be caused because you don't shake the bottle with the primer well.
    Of course I shake it before use but I've read that you need to shake it approximately 3 minutes in order to mix the chemical components well.
    I'll try that and write you back!

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    I use the Badger primers and ended up getting a power mixer. I had a tough time holding the airbrush steady after shaking the crap out of the bottles.
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