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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Lol yeah , not only Sable but virgin Sable !
    Virgin Sable.... don't say it too much, or GW will really think to that!!!

    for me W&N series 7 size 1.... but no chance to be the GD winner.. unless I'm the only one participating to it!!

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    Games workshop artificer brush !!! I get them at 50% off store price. They work just fine for me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gohkm View Post
    Rosemary & Co. series 22, size 2 or 1.
    This, size 2.

    Just for lols I painted a couple of minis using solely that brush, and I'm next buying sizes 3 and 4 to see how big I can go!
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    I don't know about GD status but I'll take a Rosemary & Co. series 33 size 0

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    W&N s7 size 0 but I might need at least 20 of them to paint up to competition winning standard

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