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    Default Does Anyone know?

    Does Anyone knows when the new previewed Minatures on the Facebook page will be released?
    Couldn't finde a release schedule.....


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    Apparently cmon doesn't like to share any information. There are a bunch of new models floating around the net and no hint towards any release dates or how their going to be released. I would hope retail and not another kickstarter.

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    April for the warsmiths and stompers, great wing, and goritsi characters. Others will follow 2 months after that (per Mr Black at Adepticon). I got some shots of new stuff yesterday too, I'll try to post them to the forum soon.

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    I spent some time with my local store trying to preorder some of the April releases, but we couldn't find any sign of them. Do we know if these models will actually be released in stores, or just online?

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    Everything I've heard/read points to retail releases.

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    Do we know what distributor they use? We were able to find other Cool Mini or Not stuff (Zombicide, Dark Ages), but not WoK. Not even the recent starter.

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    Will all go through retail. Should be on shelves in store in the next week or 2.

    Jake - what country are you in?

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    I'm still waiting on the pre-order for the two-player starter myself Jake. My online retailer received other WoK shipments, but alas, no two-player.

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    I'm in the United states. Since I last posted WoK stuff has finally started showing up in the local distributors catalog and online inventory. So I now finally have the option to order this stuff through my local store, which I'll be doing soon.

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