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    As the steam forums appear to not be watched, I'm reposting all the bug reports there in this forum. First, the gamebreaking "everyone can't play" bug:

    On round 7/9, our game of 3 people had a point in the fight where we've all clicked done. But our cancel buttons don't work, everyone has a checkmark next to their name, and we can't play anything.

    It happened when we were fighting a mind-controlled ranger with our own troops, if that helps.


    We also had a few instances of cards in hand (a ranger and a normal troop) being unplayable. We couldn't drag it out of our hands at all.


    I wanted to say that mouse wheel zooming appears to be very very slow here. It barely zooms in for each time the mouse wheel is used and could use with an option in the options menu to increase zoom speed.

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    Hello Terkala,

    We are currently working on a patch to fix these issues (and I'll try to include the mousewheel speed option as well!), it shouldn't take long.

    I'll also make a note to watch the Steam forums as well!

    Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the delayed response.

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