Not able to advance from Acquire phase (PC)
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Thread: Not able to advance from Acquire phase (PC)

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    Default Not able to advance from Acquire phase (PC)

    Playing solo on PC, bought everithing i could in the Acquire phase, "Done" button is active, but pressing it does nothing (except the sound of pressing the button). "Undo" button works, but undoing and re-doing purchases doesn't help.

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    Hello Semag,

    Do you remember which round you were playing? Also which expansions you had active? Did you try restarting this particular game from the save game? Did the problem persist then?

    Thank you for your feedback!

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    It was the very first round, so i didn't try to restart from the save.
    Expansions - all except "The Hive".

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    Also, got a similar bug today - after finishing a round got to use the Barracks ability of healing a single troop, tried to look closer at one of the cards - Captain "Blitzkrieg" Echo, and accidentely returned it to the hand instead of healing. After that the ability to heal vanished and i got stuck - only Cancel and Switch view buttons, but Cancel button didn't do anything. Unfortunately, got this before reading your reply, so didn't try to restart with the save either.

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