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    1850 list for a tournament. I've not played at this points value before so wanted to get some thoughts/comments on what is there!

    Fireblade + 10 fire warriors
    Fireblade + 10 fire warriors
    2 broadsides with high yield missiles
    2 broadsides with high yield missiles
    5 stealth suits
    6 stealth suits (2 with fusion blasters)
    Supremacy suit (armed with ion blasters)
    Tidewall rampart
    8 pathfinders.

    I'm tempted to drop the 2 fusion blasters from the stealth suits and add in another suit to the other squad and have them troop hunting. But scouting that close to vehicles with a melta early game just tempts me so much...

    I've tested the list at 1500 (no rampart, no pathfinders) and it's cleared the baord both times (played Eldar and Raven guard)

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    It is true that many policies of Tau inhibitors for players too!

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